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The Armory is the Youth Ministry of Eastland Assembly of God for students between 6th and 12th grade. We meet upstairs at 7PM on Wednesday, and the service is over by 8:30. Our services are exciting and impactful, complete with fun games, hilarious videos, powerful praise, and worship. Most importantly the Word of God is shared in a practical way.


At The Armory, we stand on the scripture Psalm 119:11 that says, ‘I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You’. We teach the students that a lifestyle of not only reading the Bible, but meditating on it will make all the difference in their lives. The youth of this generation are surrounded by so much, and have to deal with so much. It’s our goal at The Armory to teach and demonstrate for them that a real relationship with Jesus is the absolute most important thing in their lives. 


We have both men and women leaders, so that there is proper help and supervision for the students. On a typical Wednesday we have a time of praise and worship, followed by a funny (and clean) ‘video of the week’. We also have amazing segments such as ‘Meme Me’ (hilarious memes and corny jokes), ‘Game Time’ where we play anything from a crazy relay race, to donuts hanging from the ceiling, and everything in between! And during the sermon time, we utilize multimedia to affectively share the gospel with the students.


Once a month we have a special ‘theme night’ where students dress up, play special games, and win prizes! Through all the activities of The Armory, we glorify God. And the leadership does its best to not only tell them how to live and walk with God, but to demonstrate it. Because we don’t want them to simply come and ‘attend a church service’, we want them to see first-hand the importance of living a life completely sold-out to Jesus. We want to teach the young people of this generation that they were not called to blend in and simply go with the flow, but that they are a chosen generation, called by God. It’s time for them to emerge and step into the calling that God has for them!

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